Jürgen Haas Print Consulting e. K. was founded in 1996. The company works as an independed production agency and is located in Gladenbach, a town right in the middle of Germany.

We are accompanying advertising agencies, designers, enterprises and industrial companies by individual, economical and customer-oriented solution concepts.

Working autarkic as a full-service production service agency we supply the whole range of services: planning and organization, the negotiations and production according to your schedule at highest quality for each print product whether it is a simple one or a very sophisticated and complex and high qualified one.

We supply professional and competent teamwork with expert knowledge together with state of the art technology and we take care for a smooth production flow just from the conception
of the print project.

The higher the volume in view of the production of different print products, the higher is the potential cost effectiveness.

Our special experience and efficiency serves both the customers and our suppliers. This is a great advantage for each of them.

Our highly motivated team, our long existing business connections stand for:

• sense of responsibility
• reliability
• flexibility
• professionalism

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Jürgen Haas Print Consulting e.
K. – Herrenweg 3 – 35080 Bad Endbach – Germany